3-Dimensional Medical Exercise Therapy

The worldwide only three-dimensional therapy system for core muscles that systemically integrates coordinative and proprioceptive aspects.

Therapeutic Approach

SpaceCurl is generally indicated as an effective therapeutic approach for any type of postural instability. Neurological disorders, such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Spinal-Cord Injury are also strong indications for therapy in the SpaceCurl


Prerequisites/Requirements for Use

Requirement for the use of the SpaceCurl is knee-stability. If not available, compensation by adaptive knee-stabilizers (optional accessory) is possible.

Manufactured in Germany

The SpaceCurl is a medical product „Made in Germany“, for which only highest quality and practically proven components are used in production.

Certified Safety

Our manufacturing plant is ISO / CE certified according to EN 36061/3. TUEV/GS-Test 1998; CE-registration: 2000

Onsite Mounting-service

Our specialists will build up your SpaceCurl on site with skill and care.

Worldwide Delivery

We manufacture our SpaceCurl in Germany and ship worldwide by fleet or send in special wooden transport-container.

Comprehensive Full-Service

From consultation, installation to maintenance and training, we take care of everything around your SpaceCurl. Users must be certified and legitimated by the Physio-Boerse in a one-day training.





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The Chinese philosopher Confucius (approx. 551 to 479 BC ) analysed the work of human musculature and formed the thesis: “Standing and walking is a permanently supported fall”. To avoid the “fall” our muscles work permanently automatically on the basis of learned posture- and motion patterns against the “fall” and in the sense of a physiological posture and motion

von Confucius